Women Who Inspire Me #IWD2019

I posted this last year on my old blog and after having a read through it this morning it still all rings true so I thought it deserved a re-post!

I don’t normally take part in stuff like this and although I love the idea of International Womens Day I think we should – and lets be honest we do – celebrate the women who have inspired us or mean a lot to us every day. But thinking about it this morning I thought I’d have a think about those who I aspire to be like and those that have spurred me to live the life I do and given me determination to be positive and basically do what I want to!


I’ve been involved in different aspects of music since I was about 13 but when I did booking and managing this lady was the one who I wanted to be like (without all the weeing and sending her poo to people – that was a bit extreme for me).

Sharon is probably the most well known lady in the business side of music and she’s got there on her own merit, despite people dismissing her as a woman and her strained relationships and put downs from family.

She’s incredibly strong and successful and she takes literally no shit from anyone. She very publicly resigned as Smashing Pumpkins manager after their singer was being basically an ass and she founded Ozzfest.

I know how male led music is even now and she has no doubt made it a much easier environment than it was for her.

Not only that lets not forget this lady has fought cancer and had a double mastectomy after finding she carries the gene that makes her more likely to contract breast cancer. She’s also a Mum and now Grandma and she still works.

Her autobiographies are wonderful, I’ve read all 3 multiple times and they give a great insight into her working life as well as living with an addict and how to deal with it all.

She’s just an incredibly strong, determined lady and such an amazing role model.


I don’t know a great deal about Alison if I’m honest but what I do recall is seeing her a lot on the TV growing up and being in awe of how incredible she was. Alison was born without arms and shortened legs. She was institutionalized as a youngster as a result but she did not let that have any bearings on who she is today.

She is probably most famous for being the model for a sculpture that was on display in Trafalgar Square for a number of years.

What I remember is seeing her on something growing up and her showing that despite her lack of limbs she was still able to care for her baby and her way of adapting things to make them work for her. Her son Parys is 17 now and I love that she’s such an advocate for leading a full life with a disability and just getting on with things.

I know things will be a challenge for me when I have my own children but honestly everytime I think of something that could pose hard I think of Alison and know there will be a solution!


I’ve always liked Gi, I met her years and years ago at a McFly show and she was just so lovely to everyone.

I love how honest she is, how body confident she is and also how funny she is. I love her vlogs and her blogs and the way she writes is brilliant. It’s like she’s your mate having a chat with you.

Although I’ve always been a fan of her work it was her ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ book that really made me admire her.

She is an incredible Mum to Buzz, Buddy and Max and her honest accounts of the challenges of parenting (the good and the bad) and pregnancy and birth really got rid of some of my anxieties about it.

I love the way she discusses her anxieties of doing things on her own with the kids and how emotional she got. These are things you don’t get told when you’re pregnant.

Reading about her experience with miscarriage was also a great comfort to me. When you experience something like that subsequent pregnancies you do worry every day that something will go wrong and the way she felt and how honestly she spoke about it made me cry. But reading that she had been through it and went on to have 3 beautiful babies made me feel all the more confident that it will happen! It’s an incredible read, such an important book if you’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant, have kids or just want something to read.

and the last and most important one of these inspiring ladies!


You can probably tell from the lovely fashions I’m wearing and the VERY 70’s outfits shes wearing that my beautiful Nanny is no longer with us. I was 17 when she passed away from cancer but even now, over 20 years later, there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about her. And today being as it is IWD seems a fitting time to remember just what a wonderful woman she was.

Having been bought up by her and my Dad the bond we had was more like a mother/daughter relationship. She was always there for me and I hope that I’m like her.

She was a nurse for years and that showed with how caring she was. She looked after me when I had my major surgeries but also she never wrapped me up in cotton wool, my spina bifida was never an excuse to not do something. She always encouraged me to have a go and I remember so many smiles and that I was always happy when I was with her.

I have such fond memories as a child of her having an insane amount of perfume, something I seem to have inherited, and I used to love nothing more than spraying every single one of them. I must have smelt delightful. We’d spend hours looking at old photos of her and my grandad when they were young and she’d tell me stories about my Dad and auntie and Uncles when they were young.

There’s 2 things I remember her saying to me that have stuck with me the first one was her telling me it’s always best to regret the things you HAVE done rather than the things you haven’t and also that if you want something bad enough then you’ll get it. (Both are things I’ve lived by over the last decade or so)

The relationship she had with my Grandpa is what I always wanted my own marriage to be like, they were so cute together. They used to stand in the kitchen and just cuddle each other for ages when he’d come in from work. I never saw them argue (although I’m sure they did) and they were just always happy in each others company. Thankfully in Paul that’s what I’ve found.

Although I wish she was here to have seen me get married and meet Paul and Amelia, I would have loved to take her to Disney. I’m sure she’s looking in on me from wherever she is and I hope she’s proud of the person I am now.

I’m sad every day that she’s not here anymore but so happy and blessed that I got to spend 17 years of my life with such an incredible lady.